Reflections on Financial Literacy Month

November 30, 2022

Today on November 30th, we are wrapping up Financial Literacy Month. It’s been a month of learning and listening; we are grateful for all of the incredible opportunities that came our way to participate in learning more from and with our community.

Some of our Financial Literacy highlights this month:

  • Participating at Indigenomics SHE in Vancouver as a guest speaker on road mapping the entrepreneurial journey (thank you Carol Anne for the invitation and thank you Heather Barnhouse for co-presenting!)
  • Attending the Advancing Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs in Alberta conference in Calgary (thank you Shauna and Shannon for the invitation!)
  • Connecting with our women-led accounting community (so nice to see you Amal Assad!)
  • Connecting with the team at Alberta Women Entrepreneurs for clarity and coaching on our growth strategy (thank you for the chat Amber Hall and nice to see you Marcela Mandeville!)
  • Supporting clients with collaborative service providers (love learning about the work you do Meryl Kaye de Leon at PERA)
  • Our very own Brianna Courneya completed the online course from The Finance Café, which inspired her to learn more and dig in to her financial journey! See her recent blog post here.
  • Strategy sessions with our own internal team to support our goals and direction!
  • Brainstorming ways that we can make accounting services and financial literacy more accessible to women entrepreneurs – stay tuned for big ideas and next steps!
  • Getting ready behind the scenes for TAX SEASON which has us all jingly, jangly, and planny

Thank you to our community for sharing so many great resources this month and for continuously supporting the work we are doing here at MOD. The ecosystem in Canada for women and gender-diverse entrepreneurs is heating up and we are so excited to be a part of it!

What did you love about Financial Literacy Month? What key takeaways resonated with you? Please share with us on social media! 

Alicia Fowler