Meet Brianna

February 15, 2023
Meet Brianna Courneya, Senior Manager, People and Operations, at MOD!

Let's get to know Brianna!
What are three things you are proud of?
  • My community! My people - family and friends - make me so proud and I am proud of the time I put into developing community. I feel so lucky to have those wonderful people in my life.
  • I feel really proud of the work that I do at MOD Accounting. It's a great fit where I can solve good problems!
  • I have a carefully curated karaoke playlist on my phone for when that karaoke moment strikes. Which, it always does.
What do you love about working at a remote accounting firm?
  • The community that is created with the team you work with. You'd think that working in a remote environment, rather than an in person environment, it would be more difficult to develop relationships however I find it to be opposite. I've developed some of my strongest relationships in a remote setting!
Do you have advice for remote teams looking to connect?
  • Involvement from leadership down is crucial. For example, Bob posts a YouTube music video to pump us up a few times through the day. An engaged culture is all about the tiny details that build day after day. It takes time, consistentcy, and commitment from everyone on the team.
  • Be willing to be vulnerable! Post a joke, post a photo from your own life, ask a question, etc. Any of these things could go over really well and the team gets really involved or they may land flat. And you just gotta keep trying! You also can't assume that if it worked once, it will keep working. Keep the ideas rolling and keep trying them out!
If you weren't at a remote accounting firm, what would you do as a career?
  • Refinish old furniture.
  • Live by the beach and charge people to park in my yard / sell them popsicles while I sit in the sun. Seems like a pretty dreamy business venture to me.
What do you love about working with MOD Accounting & Tax?
  • The collaboration - we talk about our work and share where there is capacity so that no one person is over capacity.
  • The kindness - the time invested in how to best help our team and how to help and reach our clients where they are is really pretty astounding.
  • The brains - this team is super smart and it's super rad to get to be a part of.
Who are the women (or people) that inspire you?
  • Well, of course the MOD team and all the women in my life!
  • But also the people I love that are living their truth no matter how hard it may be.
  • People who are speaking out against the things that are not right in this world, or even in their small corner of the world.

Thank you Brianna! It’s an honour to work with you!


Check out Bri's full bio below or on the Team Page here

Brianna joined the MOD Accounting team in October 2021 and is excited to be part of this small but mighty team! Prior to MOD, Brianna worked in several different fields, with a focus in non-profits; in program development, donor and community relations, events, etc.

Several years ago, Brianna took a position with a remote accounting firm, which she found to be a steep learning curve having never worked in finance, however she really found her footing in a remote setting. She found a passion for building community and as an extroverted introvert, building it in a remote setting was particularly fitting. She is excited to help build and grow MOD Accounting & Tax while supporting our amazing team, women entrepreneurs, and social purpose businesses. 

While not at MOD, you can find Brianna playing ball with her dog, Dexter, hiking, exploring beautiful Nova Scotia, and spending time with her family and friends. Brianna's home office is in K’jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq.

Brianna Courneya