Meet Cassandra

June 13, 2022
Meet Cassandra Morin, Senior Bookkeeping Specialist at MOD!

Cassandra joined the MOD team in November 2021 and has been such an invaluable member of our team since! Cassandra is so hard-working and resourceful; she shows up every day with commitment to our team and client, optimism, and a kind, kind heart. As a new team, there are a lot of challenges to overcome and Cassandra accepts these challenges with grace and care; whether it's new relationships to foster, new processes to follow and develop, or a new app to integrate into our workflows, Cassandra is the first to put her hand up and help the team move forward. We also love when she shares pictures of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets in her yard or pictures of her pups! Cassandra is a true elephant auntie. Cassandra, thank you for spending your time with us and for helping us build a firm! We couldn't do it without you.

Let's get to know Cassandra!

What are 3 things you’re most proud of?

My children! Both of them are very caring and compassionate, and both have their own quirky sense of humour. They’ve grown up to be pretty great humans. 

My career and education. I worked really hard to earn my degree and did it while working and being a mom and a wife. I’m proud that my kids were able to see how hard I worked and how it has paid off. 

My husband. He's my best friend and biggest cheerleader. Without his support, I wouldn't have been able to achieve my degree and have the confidence to pursue my dreams. 

What do you love about bookkeeping and accounting?

Bookkeeping to me is like a big puzzle. I love that I’m able to create and manipulate the pieces into place to make it make sense - to make the puzzle whole so you can see what it's supposed to be. It’s easier for clients to see their finances as a big picture - as a finished puzzle, rather than a hundred tiny little pieces. 

I also love being able to streamline and enhance clients’ processes to make their lives easier, so they can focus on their business and the things they love doing most.

Do you have advice for clients on how to get their bookkeeping organized?

Keep separate bank accounts for your personal and business purchases, and try to avoid paying cash. 

Take advantage of digital tools that will make your life easier like third party apps that connect with your accounting software, especially for receipt management.  

If you weren’t in accounting, what would you do for a career?

I’ve wanted to be an accountant ever since I was a little kid, but my backup was to be a professional singer. I’m writing this blog, so you know which dream worked out for me! 

What do you love about working for MOD?

Oh gosh, so many things. Let’s start with the fact that all of these women are so badass in their own way, and are probably the smartest women I have ever worked with! The whole team shows genuine support towards one another and we all cheer each other on.

Alicia has built such a fantastic team and I love that she hand picks who she wants to work with. Clients with real social purpose, who care about their communities and making them better. Honestly, it’s just an honour to be a part of it all. 

Who are the women (or people) who most inspire you?

Hands down, my mom. She’s a true leader and has persevered through so many hard things, which taught us all that not only can hard things be done, they can be done with grace and humility! She is the most beautiful woman, and by far is the most funnest person to be around. 

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Cassandra Morin