Being Planful

August 25, 2022

What happens when we’re brainstorming about core firm characteristics and we’re not sure there's a right word for an important trait? We make one up!

Planful. Is planful a real word? We don't know, but it's one we use on the daily here at MOD.

Alicia, Bob, their kids, and Brianna all met up for the first time in December 2021 in Vancouver, a few months after Bri joined the MOD team. We had an amazing time together in Vancouver - site seeing, eating, brainstorming, and planning. In fact, a new word came out of that trip, which we use just about every day at MOD. Planful.

We are a team that likes to plan because, as we all know, proactively planning can save a lot of time and resources down the road. Being planful allows us to be efficient, effective, and pivot more easily when variables change… which they always do in a small, growing business.

What we've learned is that it's nearly impossible to be planful if we are running from one thing to the next. There needs to be space for our minds to be clear and creative, and this can only happen when we're stepping away from work, getting a break, doing the things that fill us up (outside of work), and making space for creative thought. What's great about being planful is that it allows us to be prepared for what's coming but in order to even be planful, we must each be healthy in our work life balance, as well. It's really win-win-win all around, for our team, our clients, and MOD as a whole.

Here’s to being planful and making space for creative thought! As summer is winding down, and the team is resting, we can feel the energy brewing for a planful autumn.

PS: When Bri thinks of where this word originated, she thinks of the picture featured above, taken of Alicia and Bri, planning away in the hotel bed in Vancouver. Our first time getting to be planful together! 

Brianna Courneya