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Planning for the Quarter

January 19, 2022

We love a new quarter!

We just wrapped up our first year end and are starting our first full fiscal year. Hello Q1!

Q1 is a time of planning and strategizing. It’s a time to reflect and dream.

Some of our clients are heading into Q1 like us and some are wrapping up their Q4. No matter where your business is at, the start of a new quarter is a time to get excited, to shift and to reassess.

What you’ll need: previous financial results, coffee, creativity.


Q1: Plan

This is a time to set goals - financial projections are a good start (use prior performance as a starting point). What are your operating goals? What people strategy do you need to achieve them? What are your sales targets and marketing plan?


Q2: Tweak and action

With a full quarter and a big plan in place, let’s take a look at your plan and reassess for new information. Has a pandemic hit 😂? Did you get a big new customer? What action steps do you need to take to get your plan rolling? Do you need to hire? Smooth processes? Get new customers? Action now to put your plan in motion!


Q3: Execute and deliver

You’ve done the planning, you put the building blocks in place, it’s time to get the work done and fill your company’s “why!” Use your Q1 and Q2 financial information to make it happen!


Q4: The endgame

You’ve been busting your butt, doing a lot of hard work in Q3 and have been through 9 months of hard work. You’ve got this! What goals did you have that you have already realized? Congrats! What tweaks can you make this last quarter to make any of your goals a reality? What needs to be left off the table to finish strong? What have you learned to take into next fiscal?

We are excited to plan for the next year - and break this plan up into small manageable quarterly goals. Reach out to your accountant and ask for a financial review; it’s an important step in making sure your business gets the love it needs go reach its full potential!

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Alicia Fowler