Small Business

Q1 Planning

June 13, 2022

Q1 planning and forecasting! Today is the day!

Having just come through our first 6 months of operations where we hit the ground running and have been sprinting ever since, we know it’s time to slow down and put a solid plan together for our first full fiscal year.

Our approach:

  1. Take historical financial information based on the past 6 months of operations.
  2. Adjust for any current new information we have.
  3. Build in hopes, dreams and realistic assumptions into our future cash flow projections.

From here, we will tweak our sales and marketing strategy. From there we’ll build our people strategy.


We are EXCITED!!!! It’s an honour and a joy to work with such rad clients and such an amazing, skilled team. We are looking forward to bringing on more clients this fall …. and looking forward to steady, controlled growth backed by a solid financial plan. ❤️

Alicia Fowler