The Top Four Things Your Accountant Should Help You With

May 4, 2023
We're on the other side of of tax season (yay!). Like many business owners, you have spent time with your accountant over the past few months as you've planned, prepared, reviewed, and analyzed financial information.

How did these conversations make you feel?

This is an important question to ask yourself. Business owners need to trust their advisors and their support people to ensure that they can make the best decisions for themselves and the people around them.

Accountants are business advisors, yes, but we are much more than number crunchers or tax preparers. Accountants listen to business leaders about things that are going well both personally and professionally, what their challenges are, and where they want to lead their organizations. We assess and review information, and we make recommendations. We help business owners use tools to plan and meet their business and personal goals.

Accountants use financial information to do this. Using historical numbers, we work with you to understand your organization's background, its current state, and the direction it's headed. Having accurate financial information allows us to do this. Information and knowledge are power!

Your accountant is an important person to help you meet your financial goals. The information they provide and they way they communicate the information is a foundational step in moving your business forward to success.

What should you expect from your accountant? Here are our top 4 things that your accountant should help you with!
  1. Timely and accurate financial reporting (i.e. monthly bookkeeping with a quick turnaround), including regular check ins with your advisors (we like monthly or quarterly check ins!).
  2. Flexible projections for the next 3 years.
  3. Monthly cash budget for the next 12 months.
  4. Tax compliance and planning.
How are you feeling about your relationship with your accountant? You should feel informed and empowered. If not, start the conversation with them to find out how you can work more collaboratively so you feel more supported.

Your friendly CPAs can help you identify trouble areas and help you plan to keep your business aligned with your goals.

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Alicia Fowler