Social Impact

Women Leaders

August 29, 2022

Have you ever been called a f^&$#@n b*#!& at work?

Welcome to the world of women in politics in Alberta.

Over the weekend, I watched my Twitter feed blow up not one, not two, but three times as three separate women leaders from three separate political parties faced aggression and abuse here in Alberta.

To say I’m frightened, sad, and exhausted are understatements.

We need women leaders. We need women in politics. We need women in business.

Politics belong in business. Business and policy shape each other – and we need women at the discussion and decision-making tables EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

Women shouldn’t be afraid to show up to work and do the job they were asked to do.

I stand with Chrystia Freeland. I stand with Janis Irwin. I stand with Leela Aheer. I stand with Lisa Laflamme.

This isn’t about politics – this is about misogyny. This is about power. This is about control.

Keep showing up when you can and when it’s safe to do so. No one said changing the world would be easy.

Alicia Fowler